Zoo - Mini HORSE brutally cums in woman (1)

Created on 11 September 2013 BST 09:44
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He really straightened her out, 0:07 - 0:10
2017-02-02 16:11
I love the way his cock leaps and stretches just before he puts it in! When that big load pours out I wish it had been me he'd fucked. I'd have been coming with every stroke!

Some of your comments got me hot, too. like "that big dick flaring inside her" and "all the sperm gushing out". I'm sure they come just as hard and with just as much pleasure as we do.

I envy that woman!
2015-11-07 06:06
greath actress Miss Breast!Y loves this slut whife
2014-11-23 17:14
God i can imagine that big dick flaring inside her and pounding her cervix while pumping hard and into her uterus.
2014-09-26 06:47
nice the way she was taking that big cock and letting us know that it was hitting her cervix hard!
2014-07-12 18:20
Love this video
2014-06-23 01:43
Fantastic video. I love listening to her yell out as that arm-sized horse dong rams her, then all the sperm gushing out!
2014-05-15 18:25
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