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Zooskool - Stray-X in Dog and Denim

Created on 14 December 2012 GMT 16:46
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Running Time: 21 Minutes Stray is back with a new series of movies that are harder and hotter than ever. In the first episode - Dog and Denim - Stray meets a firm but friendly rottie that is eager as hell to try it with a lady. Gathering by his performance, she's everything he could have hoped for.

This movie contains all natural mounting, with a great fully tight tying scene - rottie has a pretty big knot and you can hear Stray struggling with it as he pulls out (eep!). This rottie was a handful, and seemed to be desperately to see if he could shove his cock into Stray's pussy and out of her mouth. He didn't succeed of course, but he had a good go.

There's also a great clear glass scene, and some close-up mouth play - he came absolutely everywhere - on the floor, on the furniture, and of course on and in Stray. Enjoy Dog and Denim ;)

(Media / DER-Ziegen-FILM)
Artofzoo 21st Century Fox
(Media / Artofzoo 21st Century Fox)
well at least we didn't have to wait...
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awesome, she is amazing
Yeah, that dismount sounded really painful... but she does it so often it must be a "good pain" LOL.
zalig geil
delicia, delicia!!!!!! linda interação ... prazer e gostosa excitação na contemplação
She is so hot young girl loves her some big dog knot and cum ,great video.
The way that girl fucks a man would have to have 4 or 5 big dogs to keep her happy. I've got 3 and that is a start.
how can one not love Stray? Any man would be lucky to have her at home available with a big dog for fun like she obviously does. She does enjoy a big dog cock. Wish she was still making videos
Fantastic video,love this girl.
how come i cant see the videos
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